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Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter in Southern California

This afternoon we went to the beach for our family time. One of the girls has a cold and didn't quite feel up to the family football game on the beach so she and I walked the path instead. The beach in the winter is completely different from summer, and we had a sweet time watching God paint his sunset.

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Tulip Mom said...

What a beautiful blog! I love it and the photos of your family. Miss you!

Sarah...the Momma! said...

This is wonderful, Jen!!

Anonymous said...

wow! This is terrific! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey Butterfly,you have certainly been a glimpse of God glory from the time you 'fluttered' (not exactly--18 plus hours) in, expanding the love and becoming a joy in our family.
Still enjoying your flight and many landings.
Your first landing branch, Dad

Great pics...keep the D60 rolling.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Love the background. Love the music. Love photos of what you are doing - the sunsets, the costumes, the brunch... Most of all LOVE you and your entire family. You are all just sparks of God's Glory. Your teary eyed friend in Tucson.

Patricia said...

Beautiful! I have really enjoyed reading your blog for the first time. I will be a regular, watching for butterflies in the city. I know God's love and His glory will shine in and through all. Pat