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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something happened at Jordon's

During the lull between two storms today, the peaceful sound of rainwater gently dripping off of the tree was drowned out by the roar of the police helicopter overhead.  Its rotors thunder as it circles a 3 block area.  Glasses on the counters vibrate and conversations must cease as it makes continual passes over our home.  Every 30 seconds it is on top of us again and our windows shake and the security doors rattle.  Our dog barks and growls and leaps at the sky trying to catch this enormous bird that continues to pass over his back yard territory.  When it is still circling after 10 minutes, I decide to check out front to see what is happening.

  Our street is full of cars and people because it is blocked off at the corner, 3 houses down from ours. At the end of the next block there are several police cars. "Something happened at the cafe, but nobody knows what," is all the news I can glean from the neighbors, so I go back in to report to the kids who are standing at the door waiting for me.  When I tell them something happened at Jordon's Cafe, they are very concerned.  "I hope Vette and Oscar are ok," my oldest daugher says.  We have eaten at Jordon's many times. Their specialty is soul food and my favorite is the fish coated with a special cornmeal breading. The kids love the wings.  Vette (the waitress) and Oscar (the owner) are very friendly and know the kids by name. One time when I couldn't attend a meeting with Todd at the cafe, Vette sent home some Banana Wafer dessert just for me.  I say a silent prayer for Vette and Oscar, and all our friends at the cafe, and start to fix lunch. 

About 40 minutes later Grace notices that the helicopter is gone. I check the street.  The police cars are gone and the crowds have dispersed.  The rain begins to fall again...hard.  Maybe tonight at Bible study I will hear what happened at our little cafe.  In the meantime I'm praying for Vette and Oscar, and everyone who was at Jordon's this morning.


Beth said...

So, what happened? Was everyone ok?

Jennifer said...

We haven't been able to find out news yet.

the cat said...

Surely you know now? Did I miss it in future posts? I've been reading through to catch up for a while.