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Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Whispered Words

This has been a season of wrestling...and struggling...and standing hard against fierce storms...and waging war in the Heavenlies on behalf of all my precious ones...big and little.  During the last two years He taught me about words such as Sovereignty (His alone) and Courageous Obedience (doing what He says and leaving the results to Him), Submissive Trust (remaining faithful and joyful when things are falling apart) and Complete Dependence Through Total Exhaustion (pretty much self explanatory).  Those lessons I have not mastered in any way, but as I reflect over the Bible studies he has led me through, and the devotions, and the journals,and the songs and the books He brought my way, I see His hand teaching me these things again and again.  I am thankful for His Grace that sustains in the midst of blistering barrages.  I am grateful for his Hand that supplies strength for the long haul.  I am thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

A new year brings thoughts of resolutions,lists, priorities and focus...but this year God is impressing on my heart just a few words. It 's not that I don't have many things I need to resolve to improve, change and rectify. That list is unfortunately quite lengthy. But as I've prayed about this new year...and this new season in our life with the adoptions finalized, I've heard my King whisper three words in my soul...Plant....Listen...Nurture. So those are my guiding words this year. I'm on the lookout for Him showing me ways to do those BE those things...a Planter... A Listener...A Nurturer...and now I must go because there are several kiddos that need to be listened to right now.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coming up for air...

It's been almost 2 years since I posted...It wasn't intentional...I meant to keep a weekly chronicle but 3 little ones and 4 big ones and so many visits with social workers and court dates...and life...and some things had to give...blogging was one of them. To be perfectly honest - there was a part of my heart that couldn't do it...I couldn't write about my precious little ones and share it publicly, knowing that there may come a day that they would no longer live in our home.  For 22 months I have pressed hard into Jesus...learning to trust...learning to treasure each live in the moment...I tried not to hold my breath, but I think I did. Because on December 19 when we stood before the judge and he pronounced our last name theirs, I sobbed...after the pictures were taken and the papers were signed, I gasped for breath on my Mom's shoulder.  I felt that rush of wind fill my heart like when you have been swimming for so long and you push to the surface to come up for air...and that ache is quenched as oxygen pours in. 

Yes, I feel that I have come up for air...I'm dizzy with the excitement that they can call me "Mama" forever. I have learned to press into Jesus in much deeper, more dependent ways...and I am also learning to celebrate each moment and this freshness...this hope...this excitement flushes through me as I revel in the thought of the permanency of the adoption and the start of this new season of life.  I am so grateful for what He has done...I am humbled..I am awed..and I am breathing in deeply.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 Months old!

E and A are two months old today!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

South Africa!

We are so excited that Joshua and Todd have been selected to go on a mission trip with RockHarbor Church.  They will be headed to South Africa this summer!! One other person from our church, Keely, has been selected to go on the trip as well. They will be joining with 15 people from RockHarbor. RH has been a great support to our ministry in Watts and we are thrilled to be sending 3 people from PowerHouse with them on their trip. The team will be working at a school as well as in a township there. If you would like to receive Todd and Joshua's prayer/support letters please leave a comment or send me an email.  Please pray for Joshua, Keely and Todd as they prepare to go and serve our King in South Africa!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Outings

Since we got the double stroller with attaching carseats, we have found ourselves to be quite mobile. We have had some fun outings over the last few days.  On Saturday I took the kids to a Farmer's Market.  I put one baby in the sling and put the other in the stroller and we were off.  We had such a blast...tasting all kinds of different fruits, sampling yummy delicacies (maple syrup pecans...cilantro and jalepeno hummus...lemon herb baked pita chips), sniffing fresh flowers and enjoying the  beautiful day. I would buy some veggies and fruits and Josh would figure a way to tie them on to the stroller as we rolled along.  We even got some very fresh eggs.  Being at the market gave me a chance to explain growing seasons. Josiah could not figure out why so many stands had fresh strawberries, but none had the grapes he desired.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely go back again soon.

On Sunday evening my friend Virginia and I took the kids to Valencia to see a concert by the Children of the World choir. It was great.  The kids sang so beautifully. Our kids really enjoyed it. It was especially neat to see the children in their native dress since we have been studying Children Around the World in Social Studies this year.  They shared some staggering statistics about water usage and the lack of clean water in many countries.  It sure makes us appreciate our tap water...even if it does run brown for a day every once in a while.  Our ES from our charter school invited us to her church for the concert. Thanks Suzzan! We really enjoyed it.

This evening we hit the beach. Todd and the older 4 kids played football and flew a kite..but the babies were restless so I took them for a brisk stroll along the beach. The fresh air felt wonderful...there is nothing like being beside the mighty ocean to help one's perspective adjust.  When I got back from our walk, and we were getting in the car, I noticed the kids were graduated levels of wet...the younger they were...the wetter they were... from ankles all the way to the waist. I think that might be a law of nature..."The younger the child is, the wetter he shall get at the beach."  Definitely some direct proportionality going on there.

Yep...loving the double stroller and loving being out and about.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Prayer...

Today I pray for your will to be done, Father. You have a plan for them... far greater than I can ever hope or dream.  I submit my will to yours and pray that all that is done in court today...every decision..every word...every judgement will be directly under your control.  I pray that you will be glorified in all that is said and done concerning our precious E and A. I thank you that they were given life. I thank you for the privilege of nurturing and loving them in our home for as long as you grant. Above all, I pray that they will come to believe in you as their Lord and Savior, and will follow passionately after you all their days.  I know that you love them more than we ever could and I thank you that they are in your hands..hands that created the canyons and mountains and the tiniest sea creature and the mighty whale...your hands hold them...hold us... hold me.  Your kingdom come...your will be done.

Happy 7th Birthday!

Having just traveled through South America in our Children Around the World studies with WinterPromise, Josiah chose a rainforest theme for his birthday.  We had a great day together celebrating his life! We are so thankful for him and the joy and laughter that he brings each day.