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Friday, January 8, 2010

Powerhouse Christmas Party

We hosted the church Christmas party at our house...lots of yummy snacks...and lots of fun. We played several games...but this is our favorite. My hubby broke the crowd into 4 groups and told them to create something...with one roll of wrapping paper. You can see they got a little creative with items they found around the the paper plate halo...and my tree ornaments...and I'm not sure where they got the scarf and belt for Santa. Anyway, from left to right we have Stylin' Santa Claus, A Christmas Tree with gifts under him, An Angel (Wouldn't you like him to be your guardian angel!?)....and a Camel carrying a Wiseman!
The Tree won by show of applause and his group was quite proud of their creation.

We had a great time until the wee hours of the morning! This last pictures shows part of the group...the part that could fit in our living room. It doesn't show the part of the group holding my tall chair steady so I could perch on it to take this picture.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing the size of your house and living room I'd say you were full to capacity. Looks like a great