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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bethlehem Brunch at PowerHouse

We have an annual tradition at our church called the Bethlehem Brunch. We used to call it the Bethlehem Breakfast, but since our service doesn't start until 12, we thought calling it breakfast might be a stretch.  We serve pancakes and fried chicken (don't knock it til you try's a good combo) and then give a gift bag to each table.  Inside the bag are all the props and instructions to dress up one person to be a character in the Christmas Pageant.  After everyone is finished accesorizing their character, we narrate the Christmas story from the Bible.  When their name is read (angel...shepherd...etc.)  they come forward and act out their part.  We have so much fun reenacting the events that rocked the world at the first Christmas. Each person or family also can take their picture at the manger to remember the real reason for the season. No late night long extravagant lines to memorize...just the story...and pancakes with chicken...and syrup...LOTS of syrup!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of a great event! Can't wait until we can be there to participate!!I'll even enjoy the 'pancakes and chicken' especially with lots ofsyrup!