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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Skating Lessons

One of the benefits of being a part of our homeschool charter school is that it provides funding for learning activities. This semester the kids enrolled in ice skating lessons. They had their 2nd lesson today.  For Josiah, it was his first lesson. Here are some snapshots of their time on the ice.  Some of the pix are slightly out of focus, or have glare because I'm shooting through the plexiglass that surrounds the rink for hockey games.

It's hard enough to get everyone to line up for a picture, let alone when they have skates on...

Ok..whew...that was hard work...but they got themselves all aligned.  It's hard to believe they are all around 2 years apart.  The growth spurts do amazing things.

This is Josiah's first attempt at letting go of the wall to which he had clung so dearly. You can't see her,  but the teacher is out on the ice motioning him to come to her. (When he saw this picture later in the day he said "Oh yeah, that's when it was hard before I knew how to skate.")

He let go and started skating...whoo hoo!

He did so well, they moved him up to the next level of class. I'm so glad he inherited his coordination from his Dad and not from me!

Grace is a go getter...she wore lots of extra layers today to she wouldn't have to worry about falling. However after class she decided they didn't help. She declared, "You're going to fall, and it's going to hurt!"
It's not easy to learn a new sport...but they are all working hard.  And we have a whole new appreciation for the Winter Olympians!


Anonymous said...

In my younger days, I loved to ice skate.Hope you all enjoy learning. It is really fun! Keep up the good work. Your right, Gracie, you can't get enough padding on so that the falls don't hurt. But soon you will seldom fall and you'll be sailing across the ice.Yah hoo!!!
Love, Gramma

Laura said...

I was visiting Winter Promise to check out their curriculum when I happened upon, or maybe God brought me to your blog. And it's wonderful! You've lifted me up today - Thank you! You have a lovely family. I also enjoyed your music. Now I know other Christian musicians to try. Keep up the blogging. You're a wonderful inspiration! Thank you again. I'll keep you & your family & ministry in our prayers. May God bless you!

Sarah said...

Awesome fun, Jen!! The kids look wonderful. We miss all of you so much....keep up the good work!
Much love,
Sarah R.

Tulip Mom said...

What Great photos! You are always having an adventure. Love you!