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Thursday, February 4, 2010


We love to spend time outdoors...we love to be together as a family...we love trying new things... and this past week we got to do it all!! We headed to the mountains to enjoy the snow! We weren't sure what all that would entail...but we were ready for adventure. We drove up to Big Bear when they had gotten more snow in one week than they usually do all season.  Gotta love El Nino.  Some of the cars still had 3 feet of snow on top of them...and the storm happened over a week ago. 

We found a wonderful spot in the forest by the nature center and the kids had a blast playing...

Then my hubby found 2 saucer sleds that had been left by previous adventurers.

We thanked God for giving us our daily bread sleds, and that's when the real fun began...we hiked back into the woods to find a hill.  Our youngest was the first to try sledding and he was quite amazed at how fast one's body can hurl down a slope when it's on a slick piece of plastic. He's now known as Braveheart, for although his first trip down the hill was quite traumatic, he got back up and tried it again...and again... and again.  In fact he would still be sledding at Big Bear if we would have been willing to leave him there! 

He was quickly joined  by his siblings.

Lest anyone worry that our educational ventures were cast aside for too much fun, let us share some of the great knowledge we have acquired....

#1 No matter how hard you try to steer a circle forward, you will end up going backward.

#2 Trees look much different close up than they do from a distance.

#3 Lighter bodies tend to go much faster and further down slopes, thus the youngest member of our family holds the record for the longest ride.

#4 Snow is cold...and it melts on warm bodies.

#5 Sledding is one of the best PE activities ever!

On the ride down the mountain Braveheart declared, "I think this has been our best family day ever!" Alright then, I'd have to agree.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Wish we could have been there tojoin in the fun!

Verna A said...

Enjoyed the word pictures of your very fun day as well as all the pictures of your beautiful family!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!! Hugs!

Sarah...the Momma! said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! We do this daily for PE and love it! You guys looked like you had such fun...much love!!
The Randall Crew

Anonymous said...

Loving your new blog
~Mary in Texas