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Friday, March 5, 2010

This week

This was a really full week for me, and I'm thankful to be catching my breath...and catching up on the blog.  We had a wedding at church, an inspection of our home for the adoption process, and my homeschool reports were our regular events like Bible Study and Bible Club, ice skating and school.    By Thursday night I was completely spent, but I still needed to teach Bible Club. I am so thankful for the strength Jesus gives. He filled my heart with His joy and provided in wonderful ways.  I was so blessed to have almost all the girls (17) at club and we had a great time learning together.  Today the kids and I  got to have lunch with some new friends...that I met in the grocery store.  I love those special blessings that the Lord graces our days with as icing on the cake.  He knows just what we need, when we need it. This week our Bible Study was about belief and trust from John 20.  I'm so thankful that we can trust our King.  I'm so thankful for the strength He gives.

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